MrBitcoin December 1, 2019

After hitting $6,600, Bitcoin (BTC) saw a strong price bounce, returning to $7,800 just yesterday. This marked an increase of nearly 20% from the bottom, making some convinced that the bottom is in. Though, over the past 12 hours, the cryptocurrency has started to slip once again, eliciting bearish responses from an array of industry […]

MrBitcoin October 14, 2019

When asked about the drawbacks of Bitcoin, many people cite the cryptocurrency market’s immense volatility — multiple days a year, BTC and its ilk have 10%+ days. Case in point, the Bitcoin price tumbled off a cliff in late September, falling from the lofty price point of $10,100 to $7,700 in a week’s time. This […]

MrBitcoin October 6, 2019

Since plunging all the way to $7,700 last week, Bitcoin has found itself in a lull. The price of the crypto asset, as seen below, has been extremely mild over the past few days. The one-day Bitcoin volatility index on BitMEX, in fact, is starting to “get closer to [the move which precedes] big candle […]

MrBitcoin August 8, 2019

Bitcoin ventured back into the $12,000 realm briefly yesterday but could not hold on to gains there. A slight retreat has kept BTC in its range-bound channel, however, the majority of the altcoins are getting crushed once again as wider crypto confidence crumbles. Bitcoin Consolidation Continues BTC hit an intraday high of $12,130 during US […]

MrBitcoin August 4, 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to extend its gains into the weekend. As of the time of writing this report, the cryptocurrency is trading at $10,850, having flirted with prices a tad higher than $11,000 on Saturday. Related Reading: Visa Invest $40 Million in Crypto Startup, is Mainstream Acceptance Here? According to a growing number of […]

MrBitcoin July 30, 2019

There has been very little movement on bitcoin price charts over the past couple of days. BTC has found its temporary floor in four figures and the consolidation has continued in a tight range bound channel. The CME bitcoin futures chart could offer some indication as to the next move. Bitcoin Candles Tightening Up Since […]