MrBitcoin December 7, 2019

Recent reports by the South Korean press warned that North Korea might be expanding its crypto social media monitoring.  Yesterday’s report by NK Economy claims that North Korean firm Marine Chain is actively keeping an eye on leading names in the crypto and blockchain space This would not have mattered for most other companies, but […]

MrBitcoin December 1, 2019

Ripple’s XRP saw its value soar parabolically to an all-time high of almost $ 3.5. This happened during the massive bull run of 2017. Since then the token has lost 92% of its value.  Even after the drastic depreciation in value, XRP is the 3rd largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Currently there are around 43 […]

MrBitcoin December 1, 2019

After hitting $6,600, Bitcoin (BTC) saw a strong price bounce, returning to $7,800 just yesterday. This marked an increase of nearly 20% from the bottom, making some convinced that the bottom is in. Though, over the past 12 hours, the cryptocurrency has started to slip once again, eliciting bearish responses from an array of industry […]

MrBitcoin November 29, 2019

Cryptocurrencies might finally go hand in hand with traditional money services. Starting from 2020, it might be legal for German banks to sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and provide custody solutions, local media reports.  Germany Welcomes Cryptos with Open Arms Currently, financial institutions operating in Germany are not allowed to directly sell cryptocurrencies to their clients. […]

MrBitcoin October 28, 2019

Hong Kong investors increased their exposure in a blockchain firm after China’s premier Xi Jinping endorsed the technology in his Friday speech. The stock value of Pantronics Holdings Limited (1611:HK), a Hong Kong-based electronic product manufacturing firm, climbed by up to 67.10 percent on Monday. The company did not display any concrete fundamentals that could […]

MrBitcoin August 16, 2019

The Australian Tax office has sent out 18,000 warning letters to Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs). The letters target those who have invested over 90% of retirement funds in a single asset class, such as property or cryptocurrency. Breaking The Law with Cryptocurrency The letters from the tax office remind SMSFs that they have a ‘duty […]

MrBitcoin July 29, 2019

The government of Australia wants to ban cash payments for goods and services exceeding 10,000 AUD ($6,900). Interestingly, it excludes digital currency, such as Bitcoin, from the restrictions, arguing that if the regulations cover crypto assets, they would also limit innovation. Although Bitcoin is excluded from the proposed ban, such restrictions make the case for […]

MrBitcoin July 22, 2019

As the U.S. lawmakers and the Treasury Secretary consider implementing stringent regulations against cryptocurrency, Circle has packed its bags and moved offshore to Bermuda. Circle Moves to Evade Oppressive Regulation As regulatory pressure continues to stack up against cryptocurrency companies, Circle has announced that it is moving nearly 100% of its exchange operations offshore. Circle […]

MrBitcoin July 8, 2019

Blockchain network Tron is at the center of controversy July 8 after footage emerged of Chinese police raiding its offices in Beijing.  Users: Tron Turned Blind Eye To $30M Ponzi Scheme According to social media users sharing the footage, officers are present at Tron’s headquarters along with members of the public calling the operation a […]