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MrBitcoin January 18, 2020

The number designating the dominance of Bitcoin (BTC) may be a faulty metric, especially when estimating the potential of altcoins. Instead, the metric has been proposed as a way to gauge the market direction. Bitcoin Dominance is a Flawed Metric The size of the BTC market capitalization has been criticized as flawed, as not all […]

MrBitcoin January 12, 2020

The British Queen and Prince Harry are having crisis talks, after the latter said that he didn’t really want to be royal any more, and was moving to Canada with wife, Meghan. We cannot confirm or deny rumors that his real motivation might be more to do with cheap hydroelectric energy and atmospheric cooling for […]

MrBitcoin January 9, 2020

Mining is supposed to be a lucrative activity, earning cryptocurrency by running specialist machines continuously. But for Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), this simple process is proving to be far from profitable. Miners Absorb Low Fees, Non-Lucrative Block Rewards Miners for the two blockchains, which split off from Bitcoin (BTC) in a rather […]

MrBitcoin January 4, 2020

Bitcoin is in an almost constant state of price discovery, but past data is starting to reveal certain patterns. In 2019, the period between March to July saw a significant upward fluctuation. Bitcoin Price Moves May Show Cyclical Rise and Fall This past record does not guarantee future results, but suggests a bullish move is […]

MrBitcoin January 1, 2020

The Bitcoin (BTC) record is showing one indicator of extreme growth this year – the count of Unspent Transaction Outputs, or UTXO. This growth points to several potential explanations. UTXO Growth May Signal Coin Mixing Activity Each bitcoin transaction has the potential to generate UTXO, or “change”, which is then redistributed to a change address. […]

MrBitcoin December 15, 2019

Bitcoin price marked exactly one year since the lows of the 2019 bear market. Since then, the coin has improved its shape, despite going through periods of volatility. BTC Escaped Capitulation in December 2018 BTC reached lows near $3,200 on December 15, 2018, following a long slide since peak prices in late 2017. In one […]

MrBitcoin November 17, 2019

BitMEX, the most active futures market, is slowing down as it grinds towards the end of the year. The BTC volume on the exchange has now dropped to the lowest levels in 2019. BitMex Slows Activity to Levels of November 2018 The current BTC volumes resembles the situation of November 2018, when BTC stagnated and […]

MrBitcoin November 6, 2019

Can a YouTube influencer survive for a day by only spending Bitcoin (BTC)? Ryan Trahan tried this out as a part of his series of stunts and challenges. Buying Food With Bitcoin was the Most Difficult Task Trahan started off at a whooping milestone, being a “one-coiner”. He was handed one gleaming Bitcoin at the […]

MrBitcoin October 6, 2019

This week has seen further protests in Hong Kong, as residents feel their democracy is being eroded. Of course, we can show our own unhappiness with the current global financial system, simply by buying bitcoin. And not a tear-gas canister in sight. Bitcoin Price: The Week’s Moves Following last week’s bitcoin price drop to $8k, […]