MrBitcoin January 14, 2020

Crypto-friendly hotel booking giant Travala now accepts payment from a controversial cryptocurrency leader.    On Jan. 10, Travala announced that Tether (USDT) is now a valid form of payment at its two million linked properties. Travala CEO Matt Luczynski said: “Part of our mission is to provide our users with a wide choice of the most […]

MrBitcoin January 11, 2020

Toronto-based startup has successfully concluded a blockchain-based pilot to help Mongolian nomadic herders track and certify sustainable cashmere. The supply chain project, which was conducted with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), is powered by’s Ethereum-based traceability platform, Backbone. chose to focus on cashmere herders for its pilot, as many of these […]

MrBitcoin January 8, 2020

Ant Financial, the financial affiliate of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, is reportedly launching its enterprise-focused “Ant Blockchain Open Alliance” platform this month. Local news agency Bihai123 reported on Jan. 8 that Ant Financial Group vice president Jiang Guofei, who is also president of Ant’s smart technology business group, revealed that the network has been live […]

MrBitcoin January 3, 2020

Cryptocurrency and taxation laws are creating a great deal of confusion in South Korea. On Dec. 30, South Korea’s government stated that under current law, it cannot impose income taxes on individuals’ profits from transactions of cryptocurrency. This, however, contrasts with the National Tax Service’s recent imposition of an 80 billion won ($68.9 million) tax […]

MrBitcoin December 31, 2019

Blockchain has become a buzzword in the startup ecosystem and multinationals alike. Numerous benefits provided by the technology has incentivized businesses and governments to adopt, explore or invest in it.  However, a surprising turn of events took place in 2019 when it comes to the amount invested into blockchain technology and companies behind them. After […]

MrBitcoin December 22, 2019

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) focused firm BitcoinBCH has potentially misled the public into believing that Bitcoin (BTC) double spends can be easily carried out. On Dec. 18, BitcoinBCH’s CEO Hayden Otto published a video on YouTube allegedly showing how TravelByBit’s Bitcoin Point of Sale (PoS) wallet misleads merchants into believing that they were paid before a […]

MrBitcoin December 19, 2019

South Korea’s biggest telecom company, KT, just announced the launch of a local blockchain-based currency for one of the country’s largest cities, which will reportedly go live on Dec. 30.  Local news outlet dongA reported on Dec. 19: “Dongbaekjeon is a blockchain-based card-type local currency issued by Busan City to revitalize Busan’s local economy and […]

MrBitcoin December 17, 2019

Blockchain developers organization Ethereum Classic (ETC) Labs Core (ETC Labs Core) has rebranded to ETC Core. In a Dec. 15 blog post, ETC Core technology coordinator Stevan Lohja announced that ETC Labs Core had been rebranded to ETC Core. Lohja stipulated that this rebranding will assist the company to differentiate itself from ETC Labs, one […]

MrBitcoin December 14, 2019

Owner of major social media app TikTok, ByteDance, has launched a joint venture with state-owned Chinese media group and operator Shanghai Dongfang Newspaper to develop business models that include blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), Bloomberg reported on Dec. 14.  TikTok may use blockchain and AI to fight Deepfakes The joint venture was launched in […]