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MrBitcoin January 15, 2020

Brian Kelly is cautioning against expectations of a prolonged bull run as the bitcoin price gains more than 20% since the start of 2020. Meanwhile, crypto tokens continue to experience massive price increases with the total market capitalization adding about $20 billion in the last 24-hour trading period. Bitcoin Price Leading Fundamentals CNBC’s resident ‘crypto […]

MrBitcoin January 12, 2020

The British Queen and Prince Harry are having crisis talks, after the latter said that he didn’t really want to be royal any more, and was moving to Canada with wife, Meghan. We cannot confirm or deny rumors that his real motivation might be more to do with cheap hydroelectric energy and atmospheric cooling for […]

MrBitcoin January 7, 2020

Predictions forecasting future stance of bitcoin and crypto markets always make headlines. But what do the facts and data say? Blockchain analytics firm IntoTheBlock has come out with interesting insights which throw light on the current state of the BTC and digital asset markets. These also can be used to draw thoughtful conclusions about the […]

MrBitcoin January 5, 2020

Two well-known Bitcoin (BTC) figures have resorted to a painfully public Twitter exchange to settle an argument over a $20,000 unpaid bet. The heated debate, which is ongoing, revolves around a pledge which investor Ronnie Moas made in 2018.  Moas redistributes Ross Ulbricht BTC If Bitcoin was not worth $28,000 by the end of last […]

MrBitcoin December 26, 2019

The consolidation for the entire month of December has continued for Bitcoin as it holds above key support. If the next moves down are similar to the previous ones however it could soon be as low as $5,000 according to one analyst. Bitcoin Consolidation Continues For another day BTC has held above $7,000 as its […]

MrBitcoin December 15, 2019

Bitcoin price marked exactly one year since the lows of the 2019 bear market. Since then, the coin has improved its shape, despite going through periods of volatility. BTC Escaped Capitulation in December 2018 BTC reached lows near $3,200 on December 15, 2018, following a long slide since peak prices in late 2017. In one […]

MrBitcoin November 7, 2019

“Ignorance is the parent of fear.” — Herman Melville, Moby Dick In July 2019, John M. Griffin and Amin Shams, academics from the University of Texas and the University of Ohio, respectively, published the cleverly titled report “Is Bitcoin Really Un-Tethered?” Their “findings” echoed through mainstream and cryptocurrency media alike. The duo boldly claimed that […]

MrBitcoin November 3, 2019

The world’s most profitable company, today announced that it is going public, in what could be the biggest ever IPO. The oil giant, Saudi Aramco, posted an H1 profit of $46.9bn in 2019, compared to Apple’s $21.6bn in the same period. But one imagines that return on investment will still pale into insignificance compared to […]

MrBitcoin November 1, 2019

It’s Halloween today. It’s also the day when anonymous cypherpunk, Satoshi Nakamoto presented the idea of Bitcoin to the world, 11 years ago. The whitepaper released since then has become a model for censorship-resistant finance. Probably, that’s the reason why strong-headed BTC bulls don’t want the digital asset’s price to ‘dip’. Not at least today. […]

MrBitcoin October 29, 2019

Bitcoin has largely held on to gains made over the weekend and remains almost 25% higher than it was trading late last week. A number of industry observers have been typically disparaging, calling it a manipulated pump and dump but as yet markets are holding steady. Bitcoin Predicted Pullback After any huge surge, there will […]