MrBitcoin July 10, 2019

This week, Bitcoin’s rally and potential drive upward back into a full-blown bull run and parabolic advance reached a high point of $13,200, before bears got the best of bulls who had kept pumping up Bitcoin price higher and higher over the last 48 hours. During the 2018 bear market, once Bitcoin’s parabolic advance was […]

MrBitcoin July 9, 2019

David Marcus, the head of Calibra at Facebook, has written a letter to Chairwoman Maxine Waters and members of the House Financial Services Committee in preparation for the upcoming Libra hearings, according to a report by The Hill on July 9.  According to the report, Marcus wrote, “I want to give you my personal assurance […]

MrBitcoin July 9, 2019

The University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School just released what might be the most statistically sound and feature-rich model on Bitcoin’s power consumption to date. The Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) provides estimates for Bitcoin’s real-time and annual electrical appetite with a live data feed that updates every 30 seconds. These data points are […]