MrBitcoin January 25, 2020

Earlier this week, the Chamber of Digital Commerce went ahead and filed an amicus brief for the ongoing court hearing taking place between Telegram — one of the world’s most widely used encrypted messenger services — and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. In its most basic sense, an amicus brief is a legal […]

MrBitcoin January 24, 2020

Although Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper suggests that privacy was a design goal of the Bitcoin protocol, blockchain analysis can often break users’ privacy. This is a problem. Bitcoin users might not necessarily want the world to know where they spend their money, what they earn or how much they own, while businesses may not want […]

MrBitcoin January 23, 2020

Facebook has wrapped up almost 16 years of history. Founded in 2004 chiefly as a social network company, Facebook initially launched to connect Harvard University students together. The company’s first steps happened at a notorious historical moment, with the first iteration starting off in a Harvard dorm room. Mission: Connecting the World The company’s initial […]

MrBitcoin January 23, 2020

En este video te digo cómo comprar Bitcoin en México en 2020. Puede ser por medio de una transferencia bancaria, un depósito en efectivo o por medio de …